Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sweetwater Cafe - Charleston, South Carolina

Today for lunch we ate at the Sweetwater Cafe in downtown Charleston.

The menu didn't have many vegetarian options at all. For the meat eater, it had a good selection. Mostly sandwiches like reubens, clubs, etc. Nothing special but a good choice for a quick lunch! Limited selection, and no vegetarian consideration. I give the menu a 3.5

The prices were pricey. I mean, it was $10 for just a sandwich and fries! Speaking of which, the fries weren't very good. Frozen i presume. High prices for basic foods, i give the prices a 4.

The food itself wasn't bad. I got the garden salad. It was interesting, a huge pile of fruit on top of mixed greens. It had the most delicious pecans in the world! They were sugared, but not roasted, and there was a large amount of them in the salad. If you are going to SWC these pecans are a must-get. I give the food a 6.

The atmosphere was confusing. I think they were trying to pull of a 50's theme, but I only discovered this after looking around for the whole meal. If atmosphere is important to you, you will be disappointed. I give the atmosphere a 2.

Service was great. We were frequently checked on and the food came out lightning fast. Although the server didn't have any personality and was not excited to be there, I give the service a 7.

Overall the Sweetwater Cafe gets a 4.5.

I had a good lunch here, but don't plan on recommending or returning.

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